Welcome to Alien Cycle's scooter parts and service.

  I've been in Denton, Texas for the past 18 years and have serviced scooters on and off from time to time. The problem was walk-in's and junk.
So I will define what I work on here.

1) I ONLY work on scooters, like the one in the picture, a 2 wheeled scooter.
2) It must not be some beat up piece of junk.
3) NO 4 wheelers or quads, no skate board type scooters, no dirt bikes of any kind.
4) Gasoline powered, 50cc to 300 cc's,  2 or 4 stroke.
5) No High end, large displacement, name brands like BMW, Suzuki's, Honda's etc. ( I will however work on small Honda's and Yamaha's. )

To have work done, you MUST schedule an appointment by filling out the contact form.
There are no walk-in's. Period. Like I mentioned, I will not work on junk. If it's all broken and held together by tape and wire and such, in a extreme state of disrepair, consider it junk.

scooters in denton