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Steering Neck Race Removal

This is for my friend Herb and for that matter anybody else who it can help out, because that’s just the way we are. :?) The neck races on all motorcycles that I have ever seen are what’s called “blind hole” which means that they are a real pain in the ass to remove, because […]

Burnt Stator Problems

  Why is my stator burnt? Normally it’s from a short to ground because for some reason the protective coating on the wire has come off, or many times the insulation on the wires that go to the plug has come off. Age, heat, wacky regulator and sometimes mechanical failure are pretty much always the […]

How to Tune a Panhead

I prefer the key of E, but sometimes alternate tunings are needed. Rock-N-Roll ! :?)

Buyer Beware… Royal Enfield Bullet

Don’t bite the Bullet. If you are going to buy a Enfield motorcycle from an individual, perhaps even from overseas, like off of EBay, I hope you read this first and maybe even go do some of your own research. Seems there are some unscrupulous individuals who will sell you a non export (India only […]

Brake Fluid Explained

DOT 3, 4, 5, 5.1 ???? What are all the numbers? In this post I will take the mystery out of brake fluid. Dot 3, 4 and 5.1 are glycol based fluid. That’s the kind that eats paint and has that funny smell… kinda like brake fluid! The color of it ranges from clear to […]

Harley Trouble Codes

HARLEY-DAVIDSON BASIC DIAGNOSTICS TROUBLE SHOOTING CODES All Harley-Davidson system problems fall into at least one of three general categories. (1) No Start – The engine cranks over freely, but will not start. This does not include situations where the engine will not crank, such as a bad starter, dead battery, etc. This condition assumes that […]

Protocols of Harley ECM

WARNING: If you think electricity is mysterious, then you should consider electricity with data contained in it even more mysterious. If your one of those people that can fry an electronic ignition just by looking at it too long you should not be messing with ECM’s.   Harley-Davidson ECM, ECU, Brain, Computer or what ever […]

Re-Setting Harley-Davidson TSSM Module

This procedure applies to the 2005 and up TSM/TSSM module Are your blinkers suddenly flashing at you and you haven’t done anything? I was working on a 2011 Dyna and this happened to me. I changed out the bars and tail light and blinkers finished servicing it and went to start it. Firstly the bike […]

Lehman Trike Axle Service

  Lehman trike axles are pretty straight forward. From time to time you should grease the differential and stick your head under there and just check things out well. It is also advisable to check the axle bearings when servicing your trike. It’s as simple as grabbing the wheel and checking to see it spins […]

Break-In and General Maintence

The object of breaking in a new engine is to keep damaging friction heat to a minimum. During the break in time the mating surfaces of the new engine parts are wearing into each other, thus causing slightly extra engine heat, and there will also be some metal particles present at this time. Because of […]